• Social networks overcome Google as search engine

    Google is the most used search engine in the world. Everyday, million of people trust its results and in the last years, Google has succeeded in experiencing the mobile revolution earning the loyalty of its users. However, it seems it wasn’t enough: recently Facebook overcame Google by four percentage points, for an entire week.  

    According to a study of Data Science Center, today the social networks – especially Twitter and Facebook – are the main tools in order to find all the necessary information. Why? Some websites, such as Reddit and the same social networks are able to address the traffic website and they can actually spread the so called fake news. Moreover, the traffic website does not frequently come from Google, but from the social networks and the newsletters.

    So, what’s going to happen in the future? Google is looking for new challenges, such as the web-wide algorithmic search, artificial intelligence and robotics.

  • A 30 year relationship: congratulations, Gianmario!

    Tough, determined, ambitious. These are the three adjectives we choose to define Gianmario Colafati, our Operations Director.

    With an optimistic approach, which looks towards the future and it is opened to new challenges, like the digital and social media ones, Gianmario Colafati celebrates 30 years of career in the group. Over the years, Gianmario contributed to ensure the success of our agency by integrating traditional and digital skills, as well as the engagement and proximity marketing competencies.

    This successful approach has made our Operations Director a truly point of reference by contributing to bring cross-cutting skills and best practices into the agency for the implementation of projects for the more than 40 clients ranked in our portfolio.

    Well then, it has to be said: 30 of those years, Gianmario!

  • Social Media Week Independent: 5 days to deal with the communication’s future.

    The Invisible Hand: Hidden forces of technology”: that’s the theme of the Social Media Week Independent. The event is taking place in Rome from 09/11 to 09/15 at Villa Borghese.

    The whole week is focused on speeches regarding economic, social and cultural effects of the digital, web and social media.

    This is an important opportunity to study the relationship between society and new technologies in order to understand how they are going to influence the language, the world and the way we communicate.

    There are more than 65 scheduled events including workshops, case studies, seminaries and keynotes by important Italian and international experts. And also, guests can assist at no charge many moments of networking.

    It’s a key event to talk about the role of social media and question about the web phenomenon with the goal of deeply understanding the society in which we live.


    A smarter way to narrate a story exists, the digital one, and it’s narrative format, the web series

    This is how the cooperation between Paolo Romiti, Head of H2H, and Nicolas Vaporidis, founder with Primo Reggiani and Matteo Branciamore of the production house: Drive Production Company.

    From this synergy “The Analogical man” was born, a web series with Francesco Arienzo, winner of Italia’s Got Talent, as the protagonist

    The mini-series of 3 episodes was shot in the offices of H2H and tells the story of Francesco, Journalist and Tv correspondent, that investigates on the company reality of H2H, but with the goal of sabotaging it.

    The project of the web series was presented by Paolo Romiti and Nicolas Vaporidis at the Red Wave Party of H2H that took place at Magazzini Generali on December 12


    Elite, the project of Italian stock in support of small and medium companies, has interviewed our CEO Paolo Romiti. An interview focused on the role of companies communication in the 4.0 era.

  • Play with Playlink, H2H’s contest for Sony PlayStation

    H2H signs the of Sony Playlink, a new game Platform that has changed the world of PlayStation, making the gaming experience even more social and transforming the smartphone in an actual controller.

    After having stood by the side of PlayStation in the press conference that took place in September during the Milano’s games week., H2H has created and developed “Play with Playlink”, a flash contest sponsored on Sony Playstation Italia facebook page, with the participation of Trio Medusa. The contest, opened from December 7 2017, has seen the attendance of nearly 900 people. The goal was to make guess the identity of 3 guests with only 3 hints, with the possibility of playing a game with them in Rome’s office of PlayStation. Therefore, the two winners –Giovanni and Sara- with the presence of a playstation’s sales area representative, they had the opportunity of facing Gabriele Corsi, Furio Corsetti and Giorgio Maria Daviddi in a quiz game “Knowing is power” between the ones available on Playlink. In addition to this, for all the participants the Playlink super pack bundle containing 4 games for PlayLink : Tell me who you are, knowledge is power, Hidden agenda, and Singstar celebration was also made available.

    “Playlink has revolutionized the way of playing PlayStation” says Paolo Romiti, President and CEO of H2H. “ We have already worked with Sony in the launch of this new platform in the press conference, where we involved influencers not strictly connected to the gaming world, following the product’s direction, that is thought for non-gamers.. The use of the cellphone as a controller and the kind of releases make PlayLink a platform for a wide audience, thanks to its immediate response and it’s gaming mechanics that encourage the interaction between participants, kind of how we used to do in the old games. This contest follows a work of support to the client in the project of transferring this concept with social activities and known testimonials to the big audience”.


    H2H has developed a structured format on 4 web films for the new campaign of Coop Italia destined to explain the values of the group: Security, Environment, , and ethics.

    The special project, born for Coop’s digital media, was launched in May 2017 and continued for the rest of the year, intending to build a new approach in the exchange between Coop and people.

    H2H has followed the strategic idea and the production of four cooptime stories, all of them focused on one of four key values which Coop means to communicate.

    The videos insered in the campaign were written by young italian authors and documentarists that challenged themselves on the narration of Coop’s key values. Everything was then added with a soundtrack written and sung by Levante.

    The campaign has been planned for tv radio and web. The first story, “Underwater” by Cristian Natoli talks about security.

    The second one, “On my ground”, focuses on the environmental value.

    The third story,” The martian column”, by Margherita Ferri, faces the transparency subject. The fourth, finally, is in production and will be dedicated to ethics.

    “The objective is to reaffirm a new dialogue between Coop and young people on digital territories, connecting the values and the client vision at the same time”. Declares Paolo Romiti (in the picture) President and CEO of H2H. “To achieve it, we have created a strategy that we have defined video domination, for each of the four Coop time stories. Thanks to different formats that aim to a long tail video of contents”.


    Mondadori Retail entrust H2H for the direction of the special campaign for the Black Friday occasion.

    Inside H2H, due to the Mondadori partnership, there have been numerous initiatives, it’s the case, for example, of the direction of the replacement of over 600 stores for the preparation of retails and all offline communication

    The Black Friday promotion, which will be valid for the entire duration of the weekend, will provide a different series of offers and discounts on different product’s categories and an aimed selection of quality products like books, games,toys,technology, music and DVD. The strategy forces a distributed communication on all channels: web, in-store, radio, socials and CRM

    “Black Friday is a commercial event imported from the United States that with the passing of the years has extended and that this year will be extremely pushed in all kinds of physic distribution, in addition to the web operators.

    We have then decided to propose interesting promotions for all clients in all categories that we offer, by web marketing and customer base. We have asked H2H to support us in the development of a crossing communication channel that would be distinctive and aimed.” Has declared Francesco Riganti, Marketing director of Mondadori retail.

    This campaign represents a new prestigious goal that reinforces our competitions in the publishing and retail sector.


    When content marketing is concerned, to measure and monitor the investments to optimize and raise all of the resources, many companies have used the ROI “Return on investment” for many years now.

    In such a way it has been possible to justify the long period investment, obtain larger budget potions and to create insight that operates on users and targeted consumers.

    Despite so, in the digital world, this rate of measure results to be limited and less efficient, because of the amount of time necessary to gather all information.

    Due to all of these reasons it is mandatory to adopt a more pragmatic approach in the measuring of the values of the digital panorama so that there would be a correspondence between the response timing of the consumer and the speed at which our culture changes.

    This does not mean stepping away from the quantitive measuring technology, but also not using a more abstract and complex strategy; the first step in the measuring of data is based on the comprehension of the consumer’s habits, in order to obtain a panoramic of the challenges and difficulties that the brand will face, as well as of an understanding of the communicative objectives.

    Therefore, the ROI measuring is limitative because it suggests that all communication will directly contribute to the return on sale when in reality we are all conscious of the fact that the value shows up in different forms and dimensions.