The communication campaign made by H2H has as objective the gathering of customers with Mercedes and Smart cars in the offical stores of the Silver Star.

An ironic and irreverent tone. A project with attention to the smallest details, giving the customer the necessary freedom.

An ambitious idea, immediately rewarded by raising it from a local to a national dimension. The H2H retention campaign for Mercedes-Benz Italia started with common assumptions for all of us who drive cars to redefine the vision of the Mercedes and smart service world. The aim is to bring customers closer to the official Star services for all activities related to the after-sales universe, based on the relationship of trust.

The media chosen by H2H to convey the offer include, on the digital front, the programmatic, retargeting and social initiatives, and on the offline side the local press and various Out of Home formats.
On a creative level, the campaign is a multi-subject that presents different situations of ordinary administration where Mercedes or smart owners who are not new could find themselves, proposing different needs for which it is necessary to go to a workshop. The tone of voice is very direct and informal, with a good dose of irreverence aimed at ensuring that the customer can identify with the various realistic situations, in a perspective of closeness with the brand.

The campaign, whose KPIs will be monitored by Mercedes-Benz Italy Customer Services Marketing on a dedicated dashboard, aims to increase retention by more than 5% compared to last year.

“We are proud to have designed and managed a project of this magnitude. There
campaign entrusted to us by the customer has had a very stimulating effect for us and
marks the further consolidation of the collaboration between our agency and
Mercedes-Benz Italy ā€¯comments Paolo Romiti, President and CEO of H2H
at the announcement of the campaign led by his agency.

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