H2H and Map Communication come together for a strategic partnership with the goal of growing in the communication market thanks to the integration of services and sharing of tools and objectives.

    Unity is strength. Starting from this point of view, H2H and Map Communication have decided to sign a strategic partnership. The goal of the deal, that as of right now does not include the management assets, is to grow in the communication market thanks to the integration of services and the sharing of tools and objectives.

    The deal of the cooperation between H2H and Map Communication involves the integration of the respective services to develop bonded projects and initiatives, on a commercial level but also an exchange of competence and best practice.

    In this way, the two agencies can present themselves to the market as a partner capable of supporting companies and brands in all areas of communication, online and offline: strategy, creativity, media center (media planning and buying), press office, public relations -digital pr, events, web marketing, content strategy, social networks, influencer and testimonial management, product placement, proximity marketing, packaging and below the line, photos and videos. “What comes from the integration of the two expertise is a complete player, able to support companies in their on and offline branding strategies: the deep competences consolidated over the years in the respective areas of activity, guarantee the optimal management of the business of customer brands , going to complete the breadth of the services through the respective specific skills “, reads the press release.

    H2H is a leader in 360 degree marketing and communication services thanks to an interdisciplinary team of over 90 professionals in the two offices of Milan and Rome. H2H is experiencing an important moment of development with investments in technology and skills, thanks also to the expansion of its organization and the acquisition of projects for a series of prestigious clients, including Sony, Mondadori, Coop Italia and Mercedes-Benz , just to name a few.

    Map Communication, headquartered in Potenza Piceno in the Marche region, boasts a history of over 40 years and has a consolidated position in strategy, creativity, media planning and buying, press office, public relations, celebrity influencer and talent services. events, product placement, digital consulting and digital pr, packaging, below the line, photos and videos. Among the customers, Map includes international brands in the fashion, beauty, food and beverage, design, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

    “We are proud to combine our skills and uniqueness with those of an established reality as Map Communication”, comments Paolo Romiti, President and CEO of H2H. “We decided to sign this partnership to expand our target market, providing added value to our customers through an increasingly complete and integrated range of services. The consolidated presence of Map in the South will also allow us to be closer to our customers in these areas of Italy and to continue developing the business on medium-sized companies, supporting them and supporting them in their growth path “.

    “Our approach has always been to be a strategic partner of brands, capable of developing their business over the 40 years of history by anticipating or riding the evolution of communication systems”, adds Mario Carlocchia, president and partner of Map Communication. “This partnership is a new engine that day by day will interpret market scenarios and customer needs in contexts of continuous evolution and renewal: a single strategic interlocutor is created for companies, which covers all areas of action and guarantees a better approach and a direct responsibility towards customers ”.



    Here’s the interview that the new president of DMA Italy, Paolo Romiti, has granted to ADVexpress on the new strategy of the association, extend the association basis opening a web agency, media centers, and counseling societies.

    DMA ITALY presents the rebranding signed by h2h and the new approach, to open the association to agencies and media centers. president paolo romiti “ today data is central for strategy. we aim at 100 memberships in a year and a half”

    According to the most recent data, in Italy, 75% of industries declares to know the potentiality of big data for marketing communication, but still:

    • 57% of them do not apply solutions for data analysis due to economic purposes
    • 51% declares to know the potentialities
    • 31% admits to not having formed figures on the theme

    Generally, there is a low understanding between Italian agencies on a theme that is strategically relevant for his competence. DMA stimulates the reflection- Data & Marketing association that as of today November 5th, in the Italian stock has announced his rebranding path and the association activities ahead of 2019.

    “DMA Italy is always connected to the marketing world, a sector that is central-explained Paolo Romiti to ADVexpress. Considering the importance that data assumed today in every marketing and communication strategy, we thought that the association could ride this trend by bonding all data providers”.

    The goal is to extend the association base, opening DMA Italy not only to the more traditional operators like for example, printers but also web agency, media centers and counseling societies that offer digital communication services “ In a year and a half I aim at 100 members, starting from the 30 we already have” said Paolo Romiti.

    The presence of the American association, that is following the same strategy, should aim to intercept the emergent trends to offer the members a privileged eye on the sector, in addition to this the partnership operators and institution will grant new services to the interest for the associates “ We want to be reference to encourage dialogue with the industries, much more interested in an approach to data-driven marketing” explained the manager to ADVexpress.

    Many points were put in place from Paolo Romiti for his next charge:

    • Favoring the regolamentation on data protection with the goal of Marketing and communication
    • Promoting the creation of programs of formation and networking and data-driven marketer
    • Defining the partnership with new agencies like Assolombarda and Italian stock
    • Team up with FEDMA, the biggest international European data-driven web, and with DMA USA
    • Promoting excellence with DMA Awards, in international contests, and global DMA
    • Attend workplaces as privacy warranties and with institutions to promote a secure use of data (GDPR)

    The new face of association reflects in a review of the look and feel of communication, that renews his style with a more modern appealing ì, keeping its values

    The new logo, Studied by H2H, assumes a protagonist’s role. The acronym made with a design that does not involve letters. The digital environment recalled by a more modern style and the restyling of different colors with green and fascinating blue and grey.

    The new style, that will reflect on the new website as well, recalls the fundamental values, that propose itself with an institutional environment in Italy that studies the economic emergency with its impact on the communication market.

    In 2019 DMA Italy will continue to position itself in a renewed version of DMA awards Italy. After two consecutive years in which the winners in Italy have conquered metals at the prestigious ECHO Awards of the DMA American, for the jury the national prize will assume an even more priority position for the innovative technology inside of the new projects presented by the candidates for the analysis the new system cross-media for the data acquisition.

    Finally, the association promises new business opportunities, thanks to the creation of important partnerships. The first being a deal between ELITE, the platform of support to the growth and gathering in the Italian stock, part of the London Stock Exchange group.

    The relaunch of the Association counts of the fact that the industries, still considering fundamental the management of the data, need professional and experts because still not ready in managing the topic and might find in DMA Italy a pleasant speaker where to find the most adapted and supported structures for marketing data-driven.

    Just think about the &THEN 2018 event, the most important international data-driven marketing event (that took place in Las Vegas on October 7 and 9 ) it has emerged that only 15,3% of marketers consider themselves able to identify their target and to reach them with the precision addressable customer. Still, the same experts 84,7%, of their communication activities are not exactly targeted, With clear consequences on the ROI. Nevertheless, the data confirms that 40% of the success behind a communication project is necessarily connected to the right list.

    According to marketers that participated at &THEN 2018

    • In 26,3% of cases, is difficult to extract data from the walled gardens (Facebook, Google, Amazon, …);
    • In 25,4% of cases, good senior management planning is missing
    • In 24,6% of cases, there is not a clear idea of ROI the potential.


    It doesn’t surprise then, that the 47% of the agencies interviewed by DMA declares itself able to raise considerably in 2019 their investments in marketing-related identity solutions.


    First place to the project “Hey Share Now”, which was announced by the Councilor Marco Granelli

    Saturday the Milan Digital Week ended with the Sharing Mobility Hack, the hackathon organized by H2H in collaboration with Master Publitalia and SHARE NOW, with the awarding by the Councilor for Mobility and Environment of the Municipality of Milan, Marco Granelli .
    The winning team was awarded for the project “Hey SHARE NOW”, an innovative solution based on a strategy to make the user experience more lean, through the use of a chatbot on whatsapp that will act as a guide assistant.

    The Sharing Mobility Hack, held Saturday, March 16 at Talent Garden Calabiana, took place during the Milan Digital Week, the initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan, dedicated to the knowledge and innovation of the city through digital.
    There were about 40 participants in the competition, divided into 8 teams that challenged each other in a full day to create innovative and concrete projects in the area of ​​sharing mobility, with the aim of contributing to a more modern mobility model, more connected and more sustainable.

    Participants in the jury include: Roberto Mirandola – Education Management Master Publitalia, Carlo Gorla – Format Creation Director Mediaset, Paolo Romiti – President and CEO H2H, Giovanni Maistrello – National Key Account Manager SHARE NOW, Yeugeniya Kurlyand and Stefania Andriola – Mediaset conductors.
    The jury of experts evaluated the projects for the innovative content, creativity and applicability of the ideas proposed for a sustainable Milan and for a mobility service more easily accessible to all.


    On October 12th DMA Italy has met the students of the digital and loyalty marketing course of Parma University. As a representative of DMA, president Paolo Romiti and Valentina Carnevali, general secretary, together with Carla Leveratto, Creative director of Gruppo Roncaglia, have discussed the changings of advertising due to the digital revolution. Between the topics that were touched, the importance of combining data marketing and content marketing in the creation of efficient communication strategies, the raising weight of a communication that would make protagonist the consumer and not the product, following the trends of consuming of the present smart marketing, based on life quality and respect for the environment. Finally the possible future scenarios with a particular focus on predictive marketing, that combines real-time data, algorithms and artificial intelligence to anticipate the wishes of the consumers and to create a personalized offer.


    Transforming a regular day in a #Kenzopoppyday is the invitation launched by model and influencer Paola Turani

    “For a beautiful world”, “Make the world a better place”. The payoff of Kenzo Parfums is the true subject of the communication campaign of the iconic fragrance of the Maison, Flower by Kenzo, that sees as protagonists the values of kindness, peace, unity, friendship, and beauty. A true sign that wants to transform the payoff into actual actions.

    Starting from this goal H2H has designed the digital activation # KenzoPoppyDay with the help of fashion influencer Paola Turani.

    A planned video on social media that sees her as protagonist where she launches the invitation to post a content inspired by Flower by Kenzo’s values.

    Starting from April 18 to June 21, for every post published with the post #kenzopoppyday, Kenzo will donate 1 euro to Croce Rossa Italiana.

    Every post will be collected on the platform kenzopoppyday.it, where I will be possible to watch the videos and materials of the new co0mmunication campaign


    Retail at the time of the revolution 4.0: Digital marketing is the perfect alley to offline shopping

    In the digital era, in which the users are much more projected in a rich future full of innovation just a click away like a chatbot, smart home, and wearable devices, e-commerce has not replaced totally retail: the old sweet shop next door is still very appreciated by a great percentage of consumers that loves touching the products.

    Despite there has not been an apocalypse for physical shops, it i also true that the online channel has all the cards to become a true alley for retails.

    Therefore, online is integrating with offline, it offers clients a buying process that can be considered an unforgettable.

    How is it possible to make offline shopping a unique moment?

    Truly a winning path the personalized customer experience: thanks to big data gathering, selling data on all channels, online and offline, it is possible to anticipate the consumer’s choices and create a buying experience completely personalized on the referring target.

    In this way, a brand can intercept a consumer with the right offer.

    In addition to this, thanks to an accurate analysis of users on social media, it is possible to comprehend which products will be more requested on the market.

    Besides big data, there are other technologies of great success that accompany the consumers, step by step, in the buying process:

    • The app for a smartphone used by the brand themselves
    • Social network to find information and opinions and products
    • The internet of things simplifies the buying process thanks to intelligent shelves, magic mirror and shop windows that use the increased reality

    This is the process of digital transformation to become important to industries.

    On one side, foreign business like Amazon and Walmart have innovated, in Italy, according to the innovative digital and retail Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano school of management, retail slowly advances to the digital innovation.

    Despite this, the convergence between physical and digital’s one of the priorities of Italians: between the most important innovations of digitalization, retails will have technologies connected to the increased reality that will grant clients the opportunity of using a certain product by simulating every possible environment.

    Therefore, increased reality will offer a sensational buying experience.

    Interactions with a brand much more emotional will improve customer experience.

    There are four points that will help offline and online integration:

    • Integration on all channels and digital initiatives
    • New business bonded offers
    • Introduction and development of digital innovation
    • Creation and launch of new retails format

    Many brands in Italy have already started the digital upgrade.

    Like Bricocenterm with the “Doing neighbors” project, they developed a digital ecosystem of neighboring, bonding the brand community

    Finally, with the “Sticking Circle,” they facilitated the communication one to one with customers, granting a distinctive and unique individual relationship.

    Intesa Sanpaolo s.p.a as well is working on a restyling with the goal of evolving the traditional system.

    In order to achieve it, they are predicting an increase of self-banking for all payment operations, a connection from the bank and merchants, with cooperative spaces and cafè corners.

    The challenge for the top Italian retails is to design a strategic innovation to keep up with the digitalization process that is taking place around the world in order to give the customer advantage with physical and virtual interactions.

  • Social networks overcome Google as search engine

    Google is the most used search engine in the world. Everyday, million of people trust its results and in the last years, Google has succeeded in experiencing the mobile revolution earning the loyalty of its users. However, it seems it wasn’t enough: recently Facebook overcame Google by four percentage points, for an entire week.  

    According to a study of Data Science Center, today the social networks – especially Twitter and Facebook – are the main tools in order to find all the necessary information. Why? Some websites, such as Reddit and the same social networks are able to address the traffic website and they can actually spread the so called fake news. Moreover, the traffic website does not frequently come from Google, but from the social networks and the newsletters.

    So, what’s going to happen in the future? Google is looking for new challenges, such as the web-wide algorithmic search, artificial intelligence and robotics.

  • Social Media Week Independent: 5 days to deal with the communication’s future.

    The Invisible Hand: Hidden forces of technology”: that’s the theme of the Social Media Week Independent. The event is taking place in Rome from 09/11 to 09/15 at Villa Borghese.

    The whole week is focused on speeches regarding economic, social and cultural effects of the digital, web and social media.

    This is an important opportunity to study the relationship between society and new technologies in order to understand how they are going to influence the language, the world and the way we communicate.

    There are more than 65 scheduled events including workshops, case studies, seminaries and keynotes by important Italian and international experts. And also, guests can assist at no charge many moments of networking.

    It’s a key event to talk about the role of social media and question about the web phenomenon with the goal of deeply understanding the society in which we live.


    When content marketing is concerned, to measure and monitor the investments to optimize and raise all of the resources, many companies have used the ROI “Return on investment” for many years now.

    In such a way it has been possible to justify the long period investment, obtain larger budget potions and to create insight that operates on users and targeted consumers.

    Despite so, in the digital world, this rate of measure results to be limited and less efficient, because of the amount of time necessary to gather all information.

    Due to all of these reasons it is mandatory to adopt a more pragmatic approach in the measuring of the values of the digital panorama so that there would be a correspondence between the response timing of the consumer and the speed at which our culture changes.

    This does not mean stepping away from the quantitive measuring technology, but also not using a more abstract and complex strategy; the first step in the measuring of data is based on the comprehension of the consumer’s habits, in order to obtain a panoramic of the challenges and difficulties that the brand will face, as well as of an understanding of the communicative objectives.

    Therefore, the ROI measuring is limitative because it suggests that all communication will directly contribute to the return on sale when in reality we are all conscious of the fact that the value shows up in different forms and dimensions.