• Social networks overcome Google as search engine

    Google is the most used search engine in the world. Everyday, million of people trust its results and in the last years, Google has succeeded in experiencing the mobile revolution earning the loyalty of its users. However, it seems it wasn’t enough: recently Facebook overcame Google by four percentage points, for an entire week.  

    According to a study of Data Science Center, today the social networks – especially Twitter and Facebook – are the main tools in order to find all the necessary information. Why? Some websites, such as Reddit and the same social networks are able to address the traffic website and they can actually spread the so called fake news. Moreover, the traffic website does not frequently come from Google, but from the social networks and the newsletters.

    So, what’s going to happen in the future? Google is looking for new challenges, such as the web-wide algorithmic search, artificial intelligence and robotics.

  • Social Media Week Independent: 5 days to deal with the communication’s future.

    The Invisible Hand: Hidden forces of technology”: that’s the theme of the Social Media Week Independent. The event is taking place in Rome from 09/11 to 09/15 at Villa Borghese.

    The whole week is focused on speeches regarding economic, social and cultural effects of the digital, web and social media.

    This is an important opportunity to study the relationship between society and new technologies in order to understand how they are going to influence the language, the world and the way we communicate.

    There are more than 65 scheduled events including workshops, case studies, seminaries and keynotes by important Italian and international experts. And also, guests can assist at no charge many moments of networking.

    It’s a key event to talk about the role of social media and question about the web phenomenon with the goal of deeply understanding the society in which we live.


    When content marketing is concerned, to measure and monitor the investments to optimize and raise all of the resources, many companies have used the ROI “Return on investment” for many years now.

    In such a way it has been possible to justify the long period investment, obtain larger budget potions and to create insight that operates on users and targeted consumers.

    Despite so, in the digital world, this rate of measure results to be limited and less efficient, because of the amount of time necessary to gather all information.

    Due to all of these reasons it is mandatory to adopt a more pragmatic approach in the measuring of the values of the digital panorama so that there would be a correspondence between the response timing of the consumer and the speed at which our culture changes.

    This does not mean stepping away from the quantitive measuring technology, but also not using a more abstract and complex strategy; the first step in the measuring of data is based on the comprehension of the consumer’s habits, in order to obtain a panoramic of the challenges and difficulties that the brand will face, as well as of an understanding of the communicative objectives.

    Therefore, the ROI measuring is limitative because it suggests that all communication will directly contribute to the return on sale when in reality we are all conscious of the fact that the value shows up in different forms and dimensions.


    The world business forum just concluded in Milan, the international event focused on the most relevant arguments in the business world, organized by WOBI (World of Business Ideas).

    The subject of the 14th Italian edition was Humanification, meaning the necessity, which is becoming more current of putting back people at the center of business and organizations.

    During the Two Milanese stages, many public speeches have taken place by CEOs, Senior managers, entrepreneurs and internationals famous thinkers who have analyzed the key aspects of the business from the past and the future in a relationship with the role that human capital is occupying in our society.

    This event wanted to promote the idea of a digitalized world, technology can be optimized –in terms of industrial production- from the poorly developed automatization to the art of cooperation.


    H2H will direct all web concessions of Mercedes-Benz in Italy.

    More specifically, the marketing and communication agency based in Milan, owned and directed by Paolo Romiti, will have the task of handling the web platform with which Mercedes-Benz dealers interact with their public. The goal is to grant an experience of navigation that reflects the principles of the motoring house of Stuttgart in a quick and simple way.

    It was 2015 when H2H started cooperating with the Daimler group for what concerned the content management on Mercedes-Benz Italia websites including Digital performance e-marketing automation, proximity marketing in retails, digital strategy, communication design e platform.

    With the birth of this new project, the team of H2H will grant the service of his Demand & Delivery unit to Mercedes-Benz., in order to operate in more efficient conditions on local websites, pushing on trust and credibility that were consolidated as time passed by.

    “H2H proves once again to be one the top agencies in marketing and communication directive operations of Mercedes-Benz Italy” comments Paolo Romiti, owner and CEO of the group. The know-how, qualities, and trustfulness conquered in the multi-year relationship with Mercedes-Benz Italia made us build new initiatives to improve and innovate our communication channels of the German motoring dealers

    This is a really important result that reinforces our competence in the motoring sector and consolidates the collaboration between H2H and Mercedes-Benz Italia on the digital Frontier”

  • H2H and Sopra Steria, a new partnership

    H2H, a marketing and communication company headed by Paola Romiti – which numbers prestigious brands like Mercedes, Sony, Mondadori and Enel among its main clients – has formed a partnership with Sopra Steria, an outstanding French company in the field of services dedicated to Information Technology.
    Boosted by 40,000 collaborators in more than 20 countries, the Sopra Steria Group attained a turnover of 3.7 billion euros in 2016.

    The expertise possessed by H2H, always at the cutting edge in meeting the marketing requirements and needs of the market, combined with the offer of Sopra Steria, among the European leaders in the field of digital transformation, will enable the creation of one of the most complete range of services on the market: from creativity to communication through to the highly-developed technological platforms that support them.
    “Thanks to this partnership,” said Fabio Arrigoni, Director of Sopra Steria Italia’s Industry & Services Division, “we will make a creative approach and consultation capacity available to our clients, in addition to the consolidated expertise in the field of technological innovation that has always set us apart. This collaboration further strengthens the role of Sopra Steria as the supplier of complete, avant-garde solutions.”

    Paolo Romiti, H2H’s Chief Executive Officer, added: “We chose Sopra Steria, and they chose us, due to the interesting synergy that could be created and, above all, the convergence of vision, directed at combining added value and the high quality of the service in pursuit of a single goal: ensuring clients can be certain of attaining the maximum result, in terms of value, effectiveness and return from their investments.”

  • H2H and Mondadori – innovators in retail communication

    At the last edition of the GrandPrix Advertising Strategies, Mondadori Store was awarded the “Communication and Retail Prize” for its skill in bringing innovation to its communication and brand strategy. This is the most prestigious award in Italy for the brand and its communication.

    As Francesco Riganti, Mondadori’s Marketing Manager, underlined: “Winning this prestigious award is the outcome of the significant repositioning of our brand, obtained through collaboration with the partners who worked with Mondadori Store in this major relaunch process.”

    For years, H2H has been one of the go-to agencies for Mondadori Retail.

    In 2015, we managed the entire strategic campaign to reposition the brand in the more than 600 stores that make up the Mondadori Retail network, supervising the naming, the system architecture and the visual identity.

    This work gave rise to the new trademarks Mondadori Megastore, Mondadori Bookstore and Mondadori Point, reaffirming the brand’s leadership as the largest chain of bookshops in Italy.

    We also edited the Mondadori Bookclub’s catalogues on a continuous basis for its three productions: “The Literary Circle”, “Euroclub” and “Club for You”, which bring together a selection of the best Italian and international editorial products.