After the launch of the brand WeFor, the agency led by Paolo Romiti launches the new digital campaign focused on lead generation on the Professional world of Nespresso.

    The collaboration between H2H and IVS Italia, leader in Italy in the automatic distribution sector, continues with the increase in activities for WeFor, the new company resulting from the IVS experience, specializing in the distribution of Nespresso Professional coffee machines and capsules for public offices and private, as well as for the Ho.Re.Ca.

    H2H, already committed to the launch of WeFor in 2018, with campaigns aimed at building the brand identity and increasing the awareness of the new brand, launched a BTB campaign in an omnichannel perspective that combines digital activities with offline initiatives.

    At the center of the campaign, which will end at the end of June 2019, a creative proposal that communicates a promo aimed at potential WeFor customers, with traffic targets on a dedicated landing page and lead generation.

    The idea is to vertically segment the creative concepts onto the identified targets, creating a multi-subject campaign that speaks to audiences profiled in a perspective of data driven creativity.

    The concept is expressed by an immediate and impactful line that overturns the concept of “pause”, identifying it as the pivotal moment of the day, within which work “brackets” are inserted.

    H2H has built a complete campaign, with particular regard to the world of social media. In addition to the creation of the landing page that will represent the key touchpoint of the campaign, the Milanese agency has activated lead generation initiatives on Google ads, Linkedin ads, Facebook lead ads, as well as DEM services, Native advertising and SMS campaigns.

    Paolo Romiti president and CEO H2H commented “The growing collaboration between us and IVS Italia on the WeFor brand, sees us as protagonists in a project of growth and transformation that unites us in a perspective of constant evolution and with the desire to accept challenges and projects always new ”.



    Nexi ready is born, the platform MRM with which the banks partners of Nexi can create and personalize the communication materials for their own campiagns.

    From the collaboration between H2H and the first digital payments company, Nexi Ready was born, the platform with which Nexi’s partner banks can create and customize communication material for their communication activities within their branches.

    The portal offers personalized online support for each of the partner banks which, in a simplified way, can access a rich and updated portfolio of promotional and informational materials.

    Nexi Ready allows the customization of commercial communications “Go to market” (posters, flyers, leaflets, etc.) with the bank’s logo, directly on the platform. Once customized, the material can be downloaded and printed independently or, alternatively, it can be printed directly from the platform.

    Nexi Ready also allows you to create materials with formats not currently available on the platform, making direct request to Nexi and the H2H agency. The agency will create it and immediately make it available on the portal, guaranteeing an update 24 hours a day.

    In addition to the materials for the branches, an entire informative section is available on Nexi Ready: Nexi offers an exclusive editorial plan with News on new products and other corporate news. Added to these is editorial support, for the collection of videos and news on digital payments in Italy.

    “We are proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Italian technology leader of Digital Payments, for the development of a product as innovative as Nexi Ready” comments Paolo Romiti, President and CEO H2H.

    “Nexi Ready is a further step in supporting our partner banks in the promotion of digital payment solutions. In a Plug & Play logic, once the Nexi products to be put on the shelf have been chosen, our Partner Banks can immediately have all the materials available to form the network, communicate to their customers, set up their own branches or to promote potential development activities prospect, simplifying internal management and above all shortening the go-to-market to be even more competitive “adds Erika Fattori, Head of Brand & Communication of Nexi.


    The communication campaign made by H2H has as objective the gathering of customers with Mercedes and Smart cars in the offical stores of the Silver Star.

    An ironic and irreverent tone. A project with attention to the smallest details, giving the customer the necessary freedom.

    An ambitious idea, immediately rewarded by raising it from a local to a national dimension. The H2H retention campaign for Mercedes-Benz Italia started with common assumptions for all of us who drive cars to redefine the vision of the Mercedes and smart service world. The aim is to bring customers closer to the official Star services for all activities related to the after-sales universe, based on the relationship of trust.

    The media chosen by H2H to convey the offer include, on the digital front, the programmatic, retargeting and social initiatives, and on the offline side the local press and various Out of Home formats.
    On a creative level, the campaign is a multi-subject that presents different situations of ordinary administration where Mercedes or smart owners who are not new could find themselves, proposing different needs for which it is necessary to go to a workshop. The tone of voice is very direct and informal, with a good dose of irreverence aimed at ensuring that the customer can identify with the various realistic situations, in a perspective of closeness with the brand.

    The campaign, whose KPIs will be monitored by Mercedes-Benz Italy Customer Services Marketing on a dedicated dashboard, aims to increase retention by more than 5% compared to last year.

    “We are proud to have designed and managed a project of this magnitude. There
    campaign entrusted to us by the customer has had a very stimulating effect for us and
    marks the further consolidation of the collaboration between our agency and
    Mercedes-Benz Italy ”comments Paolo Romiti, President and CEO of H2H
    at the announcement of the campaign led by his agency.


    The seventh edition of the DMA AWARDS ITALIA, the prestigious competition promoted by DMA Italia (Data & Marketing Association) which awarded the best data-driven marketing campaigns, ended. The Award Ceremony was held last night in Milan, in the beautiful setting of the Vodafone Theater in Milan.

    DMA AWARDS ITALIA is the only award in Italy that, in addition to creativity and strategy, rewards the ability to collect, use and interpret data. The surveys are then studied through tools such as Marketing Database, DMP and Business Intelligence to get to know consumers, understand them and build relevance and engagement for them.

    The award is made in Italy by DMA Italia (www.dmaitalia.it), the association that promotes and encourages the creation of training programs for the market on marketing and communication issues, related to the use of data (data driven marketing).

    The ceremony was opened by Polo Romiti, President of the Association. Flanked by the other members of the Board, Fabrizio Vigo (Vice-President), Federico Tornielli, Marco Rosso, Sergio Pilu and Enrico Barboglio. Romiti explained: “The objective of DMA Italia is to be the unique meeting point of the realities that base their development strategies on the centrality of the data. Only now in Italy is learning to structure and regulate the conscious use of data in marketing. We at DMA Italia, “the President of the association continued,” we are called to facilitate and support this process: only by having responsibility in the way in which communication is made and by placing users at the center of our strategies, we could gain credibility. This year DMA Italia will then participate as a leading actor in the drafting of the Code of Conduct that the European Guarantor will publish in the first few months of 2020 and through which DMA Italia will play the role of Auditor ”.

    A result of absolute prestige, although (again quoting the words of Paolo Romiti) “the road is still very long, but the challenge is compelling”.

    Furthermore, in this edition, the Awarding format has changed.

    The ceremony was preceded by an afternoon rich in content, during which marketing professionals in companies of various industries told how in the last decade they have faced the challenge of the progressive digitalization of the customer experience with the brands.

    On stage they came and went:

    Andrea Roberto Bifulco of Startup Grind, which dealt with Growth Hacking to accelerate the growth of a business in a sustainable manner;
    Denis Balbo from Naos, with a focus on Open Innovation and Data Utilization;
    Fabio Borney of FCA, who examined the advantages of data marketing for the automotive market;
    Henry Plateo of WeChat, with a lunge on the Chinese digital system;
    Fabio Carsenzuola of Europ Assistance Italia, which outlined the new digital tools for consumer assistance;
    Antonio Fratta Pasini of CheBanca !, which defined the prospects for PSD2 in the banking business model.

    Their interventions showed that information, data and creativity must find the right mix, inside and outside the company, to generate valuable experiences for consumers.

    The traditional party, Let’s Party the Results, was held this year with the special participation of Lo Stato Sociale.


    Here’s the list of the winners:

    Consumer Products and Services

    DMA Award Argento

    Campaign Wako’s Challenge

    Agency: A-Tono

    Client: San Carlo Unichips


    Business Products and Services

    DMA Award Oro

    Campaign: Mind Portraita

    Agency: The Embassy

    Client: The Embassy


    Not For Profit

    DMA Award Bronzo

    Campaign: Prima l’italiano

    Agency: A-Tono

    Client: NoWalls

    DMA Award Argento

    Campaign: L’involontario

    Agency: Conversion

    Client: Officine Buone


    Pharmaceutical And Healthcare

    DMA Award Argento

    Campaign: Un’esperienza multi-player oltre la loyalty

    Agency: DM Group

    Client: Darphin



    DMA Award Bronzo

    Campaign: Storie di guida vera

    Agency: Cernuto Pizzigoni & Partners

    Client: Subaru Italia

    DMA Award Argento

    Campaign: DDA – Dealer Digital Advertising

    Agency: Like Reply

    Client: FCA


    Premio Speciale Best Use of SOCIAL MEDIA

    Campaign: Wako’s Challenge

    Agency: A-Tono

    Client: San Carlo Unichips


    Premio Speciale Search&Display

    Campaign: DDA – Dealer Digital Advertising

    Agency: Like Reply

    Client: FCA


    A 360 degrees covering by H2H for Akzo Nobel

    H2H was reconfirmed in the management of the entire communication of Akzo Nobel, a leading international company in the paint sector. A working and growth relationship for both companies that has lasted since 2012 and has seen the two companies engaged together in very important challenges.

    Since 2015 Akzo Nobel has decided to open its communication from the B2B world to the B2C one, directly addressing consumers to build the awareness of the Sikkens brand.

    H2H has followed this process with regard to communication on various media, the creation of ATL and BTL materials, the management of social networks and the creation of materials at the point of sale.

    Also this year Sikkens returns to TV and Italian homes with the new Alpha Rezisto commercial. The first flight of the campaign, started on May 19th, will end in mid-July and saw Sikkens as a protagonist on the various national prime time broadcasters.

    H2H followed the location of the spot with the creation of the new claim “Forgive this one too”, linked to the amusing theme of the story that sees a dog as its protagonist, a beautiful specimen of Bobtail.

    As for the social part, during 2018 Sikkens confirmed and improved its online positioning with respect to competitors, both in terms of brand visibility and engagement and involvement.

    The community has become even more consistent and participatory on social channels; in particular, 2018 saw the rise of Sikkens’s Instagram account, which recorded steady growth and a high level of interaction. For 2019 H2H has implemented a new social strategy to increase the visibility of the brand and bring it closer to the consumer public, encouraging the brand – community dialogue.

    “The collaboration with H2H in recent years has allowed the company and our brands to take an important step forward in communicating and presenting the news to our clients, helping us to increase market share, as well as being taken as an example of “excellence” in our sector. Over the years H2H has successfully and proactively managed for us the part of the Sikkens4YOU loyalty program, our digital platform and all the creative part for both BTL and ATL activities, “said Roberto Meregalli, Head of Marketing at Akzonobel.


    The engine oil of the silver star is at the center of the project for the creative show of the innovative press, organized by the Stratego Group with the supervision of DMA Italia

    H2H protagonist at the Brand Revolution LAB 2019 together with Mercedes-Benz Italia with a limited edition prototype to celebrate the core values ​​of the Stuttgart company.

    Within the creative show of Stratego Group, every year the major Italian communication agencies put themselves to the test in collaboration with printers, technology suppliers and brands. The objective is to complete the printed communication project that is most able to explore the avant-garde and the most recent innovations in the sector.

    For this edition of Brand Revolution Lab, H2H has chosen Mercedes-Benz as a partner company. At the center of the creative proposal was Mercedes-Benz Oil, the engine oil that exceeds all standard quality requirements in terms of efficiency and performance. The product has been enhanced as a symbol of Stella’s Customer Service world, where a top automotive brand can really make a difference to its customers.

    For the Brand Revolution LAB 2019, Mercedes-Benz Oil is celebrated through an exclusive bottle with 3D glass printing and customization through variable data.

    H2H wanted to ennoble Mercedes-Benz Oil, a symbol of the world of customer-oriented products and services and the quality of the Mercedes-Benz Service universe.

    On the bottle, through the iconic imprint of the hand of a specialized mechanic, a trace was drawn that recalls the environment of the Stella’s workshops.

    Right there where a true automotive top brand is able to make the difference and ensure the highest levels of efficiency. Right there, where customers really get in touch with the beating heart of Mercedes-Benz.

    The bottle is inserted in the elegant casket covered with leatherlike paper, closed by the magnet in 3D effect with the Mercedes-Benz logo.

    The StealthCode technology was then applied to the casket: a unique code that, read through the special mobile app, takes the user to the section of the Mercedes-Benz site dedicated to engine oil.

    Partners of the project for the realization of the limited edition prototype: O-I, Cordecons Group, Nava Press, Luxoro and BeeGraphic.

    The Brand Revolution LAB 2019 vernissage, where the projects realized in this edition will be presented, will be held today in Milan at the Superstudio in Via Tortona with a strictly invited event.


    Thanks to the integrated Social Intelligence Suite, Blogmeter has recently monitored and analyzed the performance of the main social properties of 32 large-scale retail brands on the Italian market.

    2.6 million. This is the number of users involved by Coop in the October-December 2018 quarter thanks to La Felicità Non Is Una Truffa, short episodic produced by H2H and which earned him the second place in the most engaging GDO ranking on YouTube.

    Conad follows in third place. In first place, we find instead Carrefour which also won the medal for most viewed content.

    “Happiness is not a fraud” is the format taken care of by H2H to narrate the values of Coop on social media and on the web in 2018: a 3-episode film featuring the signature of Paolo Genovese and the soundtrack of Lo Stato Sociale. 


    The operation led by the agency founded and directed by the CEO Paolo Romiti
    will have brand awareness, engagement and conversion as its key objectives

    Last month, the strategic web and social communication project led by H2H was launched for the Prontolo app, the e-commerce platform that allows users to receive the products they need in a few hours, either at home or by picking them up at one of the stores in the Milan Cadorna, Affori and Busto Arsizio stations. The service is aimed, in particular, at commuters who attend the city of Milan and at anyone who does not have the time to physically buy products of various kinds.

    The strategy thought by H2H is based on the idea of ​​”going out of the chorus”, building the brand identity and conveying it unambiguously through the different touchpoints involved. The Always On launch campaign aims to highlight the service offered by Prontolo through a series of communication strategies designed for the target of potential users of the app. The communication focused on the presentation of the service and its advantages, on its operation and on the products (over 8,000) in the catalog.

    We then go on to illustrate the lifestyle of the target, which shows personalities, anecdotes and characteristics. Finally, a story presented through Prontolo-themed games and entertainment follows, focusing on the classic situation of train travel.


    In the digital environment, H2H has devised targeted strategies on social platforms, as well as having created a website dedicated to the launch campaign, which will be the landing and the reference point for all the communication contents envisaged in the plan. Within the site, users will be able to find, in a storytelling perspective, specific information regarding the service and advantages of Prontolo. The site will soon be enriched with contents aimed at creating greater identity and stimulating the perception of Prontolo as a real point of reference in all situations in which you have little time: from simple and quick recipes to advice on physical activity homemade, up to time management. These contents will feed the social communication plan, supported by a micro-influencer activity for the consolidation of the brand reputation.


    “We are proud to have the reins of a project of this magnitude. Our ambition is in some ways similar to that of the Prontolo app; the intentions are clear, there is an excellent amount of potential to be able to amplify the scope of this app, starting from a simple and functional idea, two essential characteristics in the construction of any project “, comments Paolo Romiti, president and CEO H2H. “Our lifestyle is very hectic, especially in a metropolis like Milan. Prontolo was born with a view to facilitating people in everyday life, solving, with a simple, immediate and targeted action, what often becomes a mission impossible. The time saved can be dedicated to family, work or hobbies. Prontolo is the solution for everyone, especially for commuters who find the corner points in the strategic hubs of the city of Milan. Always with a view to great innovation, we are the first ecommerce to have provided for payment with electronic tickets and, through the activation of payments by SDD, customers have the possibility of having a credit opening that can be spent in Prontolo purchases and which provides for the charge in the account once a month ”adds Massimo Rosolen, Founder of Prontolo and President of AxL SpA – Employment Agency.


    Coop Italia has entrusted once again H2H for the making of three short-movies to narrate the values of Coop

    The new campaign il planned to be distributed on La7 and the web 

    On November 22nd the Teatro dell’Arte della Triennale in Milano has hosted “Happiness is not a fraud”, a three-episode movie projected and planned by H2H and made by Pupilla Film. The movie is directed by Paolo Genovese and has the soundtrack made by Lo Stato Sociale. The preview of the film took place in the “Coop_70. Valori in scatola” exposition programmed at the Triennale from November 16 until January 13, 2019.

    Happiness is not a fraud is the title, in 2018, the format was born in 2017 to narrate the values of Coop.

    In this new edition the Milanese agency H2H, which followed for all 2018 Coop, has planned for Coop a new formula: stop with the emergent directors and authors, but now an authoritative name like Paolo Genovese’s. The soundtrack was given to the Stato Sociale, which for the occasion rearranged a historic track- Happiness is not a fraud- that also became the title of the episode’s movie.

    Lo Stato Sociale explained their contribution “ Happiness is not a fraud, tells an important message, in times of sadness and nostalgy, remembering the importance of those of happiness, is a message to which we feel very connected and it’s nice that it I also the title of the project. We want to thank Coop for the possibility.”

    In the movie, divided in 3 episodes each dedicated to a value- Transparency,sustainability and trust- Matteo Branciamore,Chiara Vinci, Luca Angeletti are protagonists of a romantic story that floats between reality and magic, where ta meeting between Marco and Chiara becomes the occasion to rethink on how trust is important in any relationship.

    “How much does it count to be Happy?” Sustainability and transparency appear and generate a sense of trust between the protagonists”- explains Emanuela De Marchi- responsible for the strategy area of H2H- “Regenerating trust, is what counts today. It’s what we look for every day. This beautiful story is key for the search of trust in transparency and sustainability for the planet, to the trust in someone else. We need to trust in order to exist. Trust equals relationship”.

    “Today the stories are for public profiles, engaged and reached by mobility”- continues Emanuela De Marchi- “What is at stake is a different relationship that evolves with time. Today industries are becoming media companies and project contents of information and entertainment”

    “It is a change of parameters. We are facing the hybridization of formats that connects online and offline, story doing is fundamental for business, but t must be done continuously”.

    Alessandro Serra, Communication responsible for Coop Italia has also added “ Today when someone buys a product and selects a brand it doesn’t participate in the acquisition process but lives a more complete and engaging sensation. The contract doesn’t happen only for the product anymore, but also for the values transmitted by the brand, it involves ethic purposes as long as cultural and economic traditions.

    This is why Happiness is not a fraud, thank Paolo Genovese’s skills, narrates of Coop by using the emotion of these values so important to us that stand at the basis of all our actions and product that we make.

    This eas our interest: attempting to establish a more direct contact, more empathic, with people, that are also those of our customers, that spend every day and ask us to respect our promises of transparency, sustainability, security, and quality. They trust us every day in this.”

    The preview was presented by Gino Castaldo, journalist of La Repubblica expert in cinema and music, and by Steve della Casa, the voice of Hollywood party at Rai Radio 3 and has seen the attendance of Paolo Genovese and Lo Stato Sociale, that also gave a private concert at the end of the night.

    From November 27 the episodes will be shown on La7 during the “diMartedì” program of Giovanni Floris and will be distributed on Coop’s social media.



    Paolo Genovese

    Matteo Branciamore
    Chiara Vinci
    Luca Angeletti

    Arnaldo Catinari

    Lo Stato Sociale

    3 episodi di 4 minuti






    It ended in these days at the Milan IAB Forum, the most important Italian event of the digital compartment. Many topics were discussed and the workshop proposed was on the most actual themes like Programmatic, Video, Mobile and Native.

    H2H also participated with a workshop named “Il racconto di Eco_Logica per Coop”.Many took the world like Alessandro Serra, communication responsible for Coop Italia, that illustrated the effort that Coop is applying to the environment, and Luca Mercalli, climatologist, and scientist, that with is video list published on Coop social media, showed scientific themes to a wide public of consumers and users.

    In representation of H2H that edited the project, Paolo Romiti, CEO of the agency, gave light to the importance of the market’s needs but also people’s ones.