What happens when a handful of influential people attend the most eagerly-awaited video game event in the world streamed live from Los Angeles?
Starting from this premise, the evening organised by Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia kept the entire community of the PlayStation social channels glued to the screens until 3 in the morning, the time the E3 presentation showcase began.

The long night of video gaming had an exceptional presenter this year, the DJ and radio talk show host Carlo Pastore. Carlo entertained the guests at the event and told those following the Facebook feeds from home about the hype surrounding the announcements of the Los Angeles conference.

4  4 live feeds from 9.30 p.m. until 3 a.m. filled the content schedules on PlayStation Italia’s Facebook page, featuring interviews with the many influential invitees, a hands-off preview of the new Ovosonic title “The Last Day of June” and try-outs of the most exciting titles for the PlayStation VR virtual reality visor.

The live feeds were watched by a total of more than one and a half million users and saw the engagement of 22,000 users, significantly growing the interest and buzz of the brand to the detriment of its direct competitor, both in the number of posts and in the engagement and number of impressions, even though the time in Italy when the conference was transmitted penalised PlayStation’s performance.