Can unexpected events really stop you?
Apparently not, at least for Mercedes-Benz customers, who are always able to arrive at their destination…

The Mercedes-Benz Mobilo service guarantees mobility with no ifs or buts, ready to intervene in the event of a breakdown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ensuring the mobility, safety and peace of mind of its customers.

4 stories related by the comic trio TreJolie told of the various mishaps that have occurred to distracted Mercedes-Benz customers with irony and a light touch. The purpose of the campaign was to increase the awareness of the service and, at the same time, attain high performance at the drive-to-dealer level. For this latter aspect, careful digital media planning targeting existing and prospective customers led the targets to a dedicated landing page, on which leads could be generated.

Landing Page visits 504,843 Objectives attainment 115%
Mercedes-Benz site visits 1,171,081 Objectives attainment 183%
Leads generated 2,314 Objectives attainment 128%
Leads transferred 977 Objectives attainment 93%