Innovation involves a space and a time.

Even when it is the conclusive action of an individual, innovation comes from the work of many.
The most effective strategies are the outcome of a multidisciplinary approach, of listening and of sharing. That’s why there’s always a way to do a project better. So we learn from the projects themselves.
This means creating projects in accordance with Design Thinking.

We design behaviours rather than products.

Consumers decided whether to buy or not based on how they perceive the offer. Business comes from their involvement, which must be based on solid, shared values. But much more than simple understanding, it is experience that influences their behaviour.
This is why we need Authenticity.

From storytelling to story-doing.

Transforming connections into interactions, experiences and purchases is a process that requires a new communication paradigm. To create a positive impact, we must focus on value, limiting the risk and optimising the opportunities.
This is the key to driving the action and generating the change.


6 of our 78 Creative Minds

A Andrea Ricotti

Sales & Marketing Director

L Lisa Okely

Senior Account

A Antonella Libera

Digital Strategist

V Valeria Lenchi

Creative Strategist

A Alessandro Amendolara

Digital Project Manager

V Valentina Setti

Digital Art Director

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