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September 2017
  • Social networks overcome Google as search engine

    Google is the most used search engine in the world. Everyday, million of people trust its results and in the last years, Google has succeeded in experiencing the mobile revolution earning the loyalty of its users. However, it seems it wasn’t enough: recently Facebook overcame Google by four percentage points, for an entire week.  

    According to a study of Data Science Center, today the social networks – especially Twitter and Facebook – are the main tools in order to find all the necessary information. Why? Some websites, such as Reddit and the same social networks are able to address the traffic website and they can actually spread the so called fake news. Moreover, the traffic website does not frequently come from Google, but from the social networks and the newsletters.

    So, what’s going to happen in the future? Google is looking for new challenges, such as the web-wide algorithmic search, artificial intelligence and robotics.

  • A 30 year relationship: congratulations, Gianmario!

    Tough, determined, ambitious. These are the three adjectives we choose to define Gianmario Colafati, our Operations Director.

    With an optimistic approach, which looks towards the future and it is opened to new challenges, like the digital and social media ones, Gianmario Colafati celebrates 30 years of career in the group. Over the years, Gianmario contributed to ensure the success of our agency by integrating traditional and digital skills, as well as the engagement and proximity marketing competencies.

    This successful approach has made our Operations Director a truly point of reference by contributing to bring cross-cutting skills and best practices into the agency for the implementation of projects for the more than 40 clients ranked in our portfolio.

    Well then, it has to be said: 30 of those years, Gianmario!

  • Social Media Week Independent: 5 days to deal with the communication’s future.

    The Invisible Hand: Hidden forces of technology”: that’s the theme of the Social Media Week Independent. The event is taking place in Rome from 09/11 to 09/15 at Villa Borghese.

    The whole week is focused on speeches regarding economic, social and cultural effects of the digital, web and social media.

    This is an important opportunity to study the relationship between society and new technologies in order to understand how they are going to influence the language, the world and the way we communicate.

    There are more than 65 scheduled events including workshops, case studies, seminaries and keynotes by important Italian and international experts. And also, guests can assist at no charge many moments of networking.

    It’s a key event to talk about the role of social media and question about the web phenomenon with the goal of deeply understanding the society in which we live.

  • Villa d’Este Forum: new prospects for the italian economy

    H2H attended the 43th edition of the Ambrosetti Forum of Villa d’Este in Cernobbio.

    “The today and tomorrow scenario for the competitive strategies”: this is the title of the famous annual event, which represents a golden opportunity to involve international guests in a sharing of visions and opinions about economic, political, scientific and technological issues.

    Organised in three days, the jewel in the crown of the Forum were debates, meetings and specific presentations solely reserved for the guests of the event.

    200 international and Italian top managers attended the event together with 15 countries and 60 speakers. Among them: Gerard Baker, Fu Ying, Angel Gurría, Bruno Le Maire, John McCain, Pierre Moscovici. On the Italian guests list, especially the politicians were in the spotlight: Paolo Gentiloni, Pier Carlo Padoan, Angelino Alfano, Vincenzo Boccia, Enrico Letta, Valeria Fedeli, Mario Monti, Andrea Orlando, Luigi Abate and Giuliano Poletti.

    As usual, during the work, a number of vertical searches about specific topics were submitted: macroeconomy, impact of technology in the workplace (both in Italy and Europe), Brexit, justice system and fight against corruption, industry sector and, lastly, urban mobility.

    The bottom line of the Forum is a better prospect for our country: “In these days – the Prime Minister stated – we have beed inundated with a lot of data and statistics. The directions is positive”.

    Our CEO Paolo Romiti commented: “H2H believes in the Italian improvement because in this moment Italy is fully qualified for an upgrade thanks to the technological innovation. In this sense, we invest in the future of our company in order to face the many changes of the current challenges”.